About Us

The Chatham Community Fire Protection District was formed in 1928 and has continuously provided fire protection services to the Village of Chatham and the surrounding communities since its inception.

Our station is located on Illinois Route 4 in the Village of Chatham, Illinois.

Department History


The Chatham Fireman’s Association was formed on the 27th day of February of 1928. The Office of the Secretary of State in Illinois certified that the Chatham Fireman’s Association was a legally organized Corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois on the 19th day of March 1928.


2024-2025 Tentative Budget

Fire Prevention Week

The third graders from Chatham Elementary, Ball Elementary, and Glenwood Elementary come to the Fire Station each year during Fire Prevention Week for our Fire Safety Program that provides them with the tools necessary to “Get Out Alive”.

The students view a Fire Safety Video that discusses fire safety and the need for home smoke detectors for early fire detection. Additionally, they are given a demonstration of the firefighters gear and provided a tour of the station and equipment…

Safety House
Our Fire Safety House was completed in 1990. The Fire Safety House is a simulator designed to provide the children an opportunity to use what they have been taught about getting out of their homes alive. It has non-toxic smoke that is pumped into the hallways and the two bedrooms which provides a more realistic environment for the children to practice getting out under those conditions.

The Fire Safety House has been continuously utilized since it was built. It is not only used for our programs, but has been used by several Sangamon County fire departments and by the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Chatham Fire Department is Dedicated to Saving Lives

Protect your home and your health.

Evacuation Information

Document indicating evacuation routes and exits, established rules of behavior of people, as well as the procedure and sequence of actions of maintenance personnel

Your Home

Fire protection. Even if you are a very responsible and attentive person to fire safety, the risk of encountering...


To reduce the risk of fire if possible, we have put together the most important tips for you to help you protect your life.

Fire Danger

Incorrect use of devices, old, broken sockets, faulty wiring - all this leads to fires.