Chatham Fire Department Asking For Your Support

We are asking voters to show their support for the fire district, community educational programs, new vehicles, expansion of services, and maintenance of buildings. The Chatham Community Fire Protection District (Chatham Fire Department) is asking voters to do their part to promote public safety in the Chatham community on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 by voting “YES” on the department’s referendum. If approved, this would be the first Fire or EMS rate increase in 18 years.

The Chatham Fire Department is asking voters to support additional funding for the department by approving a supplement to the PTELL limiting rate (tax caps) of 0.13258%. This add-on would make the new limiting rate or tax cap 0.66995% for the fire district.

The Chatham Fire Department needs to replace apparatus that are 20 and 30 years old. We also have a need to renovate our 20-year old fire station to comply with ADA requirements and Illinois statutes. The funding would assist us in maintaining and expanding our fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services to the Chatham community. Additionally, the funding would work towards supporting the cost associated with our increased call responses and enhancing public safety programs.

If approved, an owner of a $100,000.00 property may realize their fire tax going up approximately $44.19 annually. Whereas, an owner of a $200,000.00 property may see their fire tax go up $88.38 annually.